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Regardless of how careful you are with your car, dings, dents and scratches happen! There are many things out there that are waiting to inflict damage your vehicle's bodywork and paintwork.

Keys, debris on the road, shopping carts, and other vehicles are just a few things that we regularly see as major contributors. Other drivers don't always have your vehicle's appearance at the top of their priority list and won't stick around after a bump or other collision. All of this takes a toll on your car and take away from the overall value and curb appeal of your vehicle.


Dents, dings and scratches not only look unsightly, but affect the value of your vehicle. Many people live with the damage on their vehicle because of the cost of  their insurance deductible payment and the prospect of paying higher premiums as a result of the claim.


The good news is that Details, Etc. can repair your vehicle for less than your insurance deductible in many instances. Our prices are extremely competitive and can usually be booked in short notice with a quick turn around time. 


We can pick your vehicle up and deliver it back to you, saving you the time and inconvenience of taking your car into a body shop, and we guarantee that we will not be beaten on value, quality and speed.

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