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The Interior Detail is a thorough cleaning of the car interior, including the trunk and under and around all seats. We remove any large objects and debris (any long-lost personal items that we find are safely put to aside for a reunion after the detail is complete). We then perform a complete vacuuming and shampooing of all cloth and rug materials, including floor mats and the trunk. We completely clean every inch of the dash including vents, cup holders, all switches, dials and radio controls.


Leather interiors are cleaned and then conditioned with LEXOL leather conditioner and cleaner.

All windows and glass surfaces are spotlessly cleaned including rear view and vanity mirrors. Doors are completely cleaned from top to bottom, including the door jambs that are cleaned and misted with spray wax. The interior detail returns your car to a like-new condition.


The Interior Detail includes:

  • Interior professionally hand cleaned

  • All loose trash and debris removed

  • Personal Items secured for return

  • Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk

  • Complete shampoo of carpets / rugs and upholstery, including trunk

  • All glass and mirrors cleaned spotlessly

  • Doors and door jambs cleaned

  • Car interior returned to a like-new clean


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