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Just as maintaining your vehicle mechanically and ensuring it is serviced on a regular basis is essential, maintaining the exterior is another important factor to keep the vehicle in its optimal state. Hand washing your vehicle provides the best results to remove the daily film of environmental build up that each vehicle accumulates. These contaminants can seriously affect the look and finish of your paintwork, wheels and other components that will steadily degrade the vehicle.


Hand washing provides you with a personalized service that an automatic car wash simply cannot provide. Our trained professionals can make an informed assessment on the best steps to take to ensure that any build-up is eliminated.


A standard exterior wash and wax includes wheels. The vehicle and exterior windows will be dried using standard leather or microfiber cloths.


The basic wash includes:


  • Vehicle professionally hand washed

  • Non-harsh chemicals used

  • Exterior windows cleaned and dried

  • Vehicle dried

  • Wheels dried

  • Vehicle spray-waxed


Most exterior detailing services provide washing and waxing or a restorative buffing and polishing process. Washing and waxing gives your paint a cosmetic shine that can wash off very quickly. Buffing and polishing is a common method offered to restore a dull, rough and scratched paint finish. Unfortunately, the abrasive swirl patterns that everyone recognizes in the reflection of dark-colored car finishes are often the result of standard waxing and polishing methods.


We believe you deserve a better finish for your money!

basic wash
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