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lease return


If you are due to return a leased vehicle, it is important to ensure you understand what is in your contract and what is expected by the dealership when you return a lease at the end of the lease contract. 

Before the car is accepted back, it will go through an inspection process. There are some normal wear-and-tear issues that the inspector will overlook, and others they will charge you for. Generally, it is a good rule-of-thumb to try to ensure that the car looks as close to new as possible when you return it.

Things you can do to ensure the vehicle is in its best possible condition:


  • Have the car professionally detailed before you turn it in

  • If there are any dings, dents or scratches, have them repaired

  • Take photos of the car, inside and out, before you turn it in


High charges can be applied at the end of a lease for "unusual wear-and-tear." These charges usually don't get applied until days or weeks after you have turned in the car. Photos, taken at the time of handing back the vehicle, will help you if this occurs. 


To ensure that your leased vehicle is in the best possible condition for repair, our specialized service can prepare you and your vehicle for the hand-back and save you money in the process.


Clean Inside and Out

Our Lease-Return Service will ensure that your leased vehicle is as clean as it can possibly be when you return it. We have many years of experience in preparing vehicles for off-lease handover and know the high standard that is expected.


  • Complete wash and detail

  • Complete inside detail

  • Vacuum the interior and clean the dashboard

  • Replace stained floor mats, or consider bringing your car to a professional detailing shop to have it thoroughly cleaned

  • Also run the car through a car wash prior to returning the lease


Repair Minor Dents and Scratches

If your leased vehicle gets a few dents and scratches in the paint while you are driving it, you should consider having the car repaired before you return it back to the dealership. 


Details, Etc. can evaluate your leased vehicle and advise you on having the repair done before you  return it. It will be less expensive to have the repairs done prior to returning the vehicle than to take the “hit” and be charged by the leasing company or dealership. 


Major Dents and Scratches

If your leased vehicle has more substantial damage than a few small scratches or dings, it will be in your interest to repair these prior to returning the vehicle. We can arrange to inspect the vehicle and carry out repairs.


Whatever your vehicle needs to ensure a successful return transition, we can help. Spending the time ahead of time to prepare the vehicle can ensure a smooth, stress-free and low-cost hand-back. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need.

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