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Details, Etc. Exterior Detailing begins with a basic wash of your vehicle. Our trademark hand-washing service provides a personalized service that an automatic car wash simply cannot provide. Our trained professionals can make an informed assessment on the best steps to take to ensure that any build-up is eliminated. Any loose dirt is removed from all painted surfaces wheels and wheel wells. We then remove all bugs, tar and tree sap from the vehicle's surface. Once all of the dirt, organic matter and chemicals have been removed, we then clay wash each vehicle to remove all embedded surface debris to make the car feel incredibly smooth to the touch.

Once the car is completely clean, we  follow all of the previous treatments with an extensive polishing of the entire vehicle, removing any light-to-moderate scratches. We follow that with a heavy coat of the finest automotive wax to ensure a long-lasting protection for the exterior of your vehicle.


The Exterior Detail includes:

  • Vehicle professionally hand washed

  • All loose dirt removed

  • All organic and chemical build up removed

  • Vehicle is clay-washed to remove all embedded surface debris

  • Exterior windows cleaned and dried

  • Finest automotive wax applied

  • Extensive polishing of entire vehicle

  • Light-to-moderate scratches removed

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