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A vehicle's headlights are an essential element of its safety equipment as well an important esthetic of its design. Unfortunately, the lens begin to fade over time, and there's no easy way to avoid it. As your headlights become more and more dull, the amount of light coming out of the headlight becomes less. Not only will this cause you to fail your annual vehicle inspection, but it will make driving at night difficult, and eventually dangerous.


There are two main factors for the headlight becoming dull and cloudy: road debris and oxidation on the lens. Oxidation takes place because most modern headlight lenses are composed of poly-carbonate, which is a porous material. Once it begins to take place, it quickly degrades the headlight lens.


Details, Etc. can perform a treatment to the headlight lens that will help to remove scratches and oxidation and restore your headlights to a safer condition. If you feel your headlight has become dull and cloudy and might be in need of restoration work, or if you have failed your annual inspection, contact us to inspect your vehicle and advise you of any work that may need to be carried out.


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